You Can Never Thank Her Enough – ‘Probably’


But you can – probably! By doing something for her in return, by loving her as much and caring for her more than she has cared for you. Really? Is that all? May be you can get her flowers, chocolates, bouquets…But again, these are so temporary! Well! Guess it has to be something beyond the obvious. Something that lasts, something that is eternal, something that is as ‘forever’ as your bonding…Right?

I still remember, as a kid, whenever we would go for an outing, knowing that I cannot eat outside food, she would always – and without fail – carry home-cooked-food for me. When did she cook? I would wonder, but, I knew, that she found time for it! And she had the thought to pack food for me, least I would starve!

And to date, I have nurtured the same habit – of cooking for myself and for her. I mean this is actually a very trivial thing I have learnt from her amongst many, but I feel so grateful for it, because what you learn from your mum, sustains you forever.

For that reason, I would like to express my gratitude for her and like many of you, even I am pondering what to gift to my mom – a small yet meaningful gesture that will help me convey my feelings to her. Without words!

I am feeling nostalgic recollecting my mom’s journey since I was born. She struggled, endured pain and suffering, she smiled for me, cried for me, we laughed together, we feared uncertainty, smiled through pain, learnt from each other and care for each other deeply. She’s a single mother but what sets her apart from other single-moms is the intensity of her perseverance, strength and endurance! I haven’t come across a single-mom, so confident and bold, she can play two roles parallel: Mom & Woman! Why would someone idolize her is, because of this very reason. She has done and is doing – single handedly – something that two parents cannot achieve together! Like really!


Her Strength and Courage really is unparalleled. What more can I say?

When you look into her eyes, there’s a lots more that you can feel and grasp, beyond what’s profoundly visible! Who can understand a mother’s pain better than a daughter!

We know and accept that a Mom’s “job” is the most tireless yet thankless one in the world, yet, there is something that you can probably do. Who knows, it could have a ripple effect and the love may grow, reach out to all those: children who are without mothers or those moothers who are without children. Let’s spread the love!

Every child believes that their Mom is the best – ‘Mom in the world’ – I bet you are smiling! And I believe no different! I sometimes think that perhaps, one lifetime isn’t enough.


Let me live the beautiful life that she’s given me, to the fullest! I can’t think of a better way to thank her!




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