Top 10 Ways To Propose To Your Lady Love

Top 10 ways to propose to your lady love

Who said proposals can be made only during Valentines Week (day)? You can propose to her any day. What’s important is how you propose to your lady love. We have racked our brains and come up with 10 ways to propose to your lady love.

Top 10 ways to propose to your lady love

  • Countdown videos

    Countdown videos are the cutest. Ain’t they? Pick up her favorite song. The track can be romantic, intense, funny or the first song you guys danced to in the club. You can do the countdown for 30 days or more. Simply record yourself singing the song as the days goes by. By the time she reaches Day 1, make sure you have the ring ready in front of her.

  • Location

    Girls have a killer memory. I’m sure you have noticed it during your arguments. Take her to the place which has been one of the turning points of your relationship. It can be café where you had the first date, the place you first met or any other place which you think has been a significant place for you do. Propose to your lady love there!

  • Details

    If you have been with her for a long time, you must have quite creeped with her memory when it comes to details. She remembers everything. Try the same for her. Pick up any of these details about her and propose her. The detail can be as simple as cleaning up the apartment where you 2 live in or wearing the shirt she loves.

  • Friends
    That awful moment when girls have to choose between her friends and you. Same goes for you! It’s quite a stressful situation for both the parties. Get her closest buddies and plan out something. Spell out ‘Will you marry me?’ or ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ and ask her friends to hold it. The fact that you brought her closest buddies to witness it would do all the wonders.
  • Digitally Crowded

    Not everyone is comfortable with their partner’s friends/family. However, you can always get them in a group video chat just before proposing her. This is best when you plan to propose to your lady love at home in a more comfortable environment and clothes.

  • Parents

    Go old school way buddy! Visit her parents (without her knowledge) and ask for her hand. Plan out a casual dinner with her parents or ask her parents to call you over. You can also include your parents. Propose to your lady love in the presence of both the families.

  • Puzzle

    Some girls just love puzzles. Let your proposal be the prize of the treasure hunt or puzzle. If you two are Sudoku freaks and can set up something similar for her, go for it


  • Trek

    For all the sporty girls out there who would love a proposal besides the involvement of girly stuff, plan a trek for yourselves exclusively. Propose to your lady love when you have completed the trek.

  • Recreate movie scene

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    Is there any particular movie proposal scene which makes her go teary-eyed or awed? Recreate it for her. You will get brownie points if you can convince her to wear the heroines dress without letting the cat out of the bag. Once she walks in and realizes it, propose her.

  • Marriages

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    Marriages are a tricky place to be. She can be totally in the mood to get hitched or get ready for a breakup. The bride is supposed to throw her bouquet without seeing. Bribe the bride to throw it into her hands and you be to propose to your lady love. Nonetheless, this is strictly for a marriage proposal.

Having educated you about Solitaire Rings, Solitaires and Solitaire Rings design – we decided to give you top 10 ways to propose to your lady love. If you proposed her any other way, shoot them in the comments below. We would love to read them.


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