This Christmas bring out the Santa in you!

This Christmas bring out the Santa in you

It’s almost unbelievable how fast 2017 has gone past! The excitement of the approaching New Year, coupled with memories of the passing year will certainly give us many reasons to add to our ‘jar of forevers’.

December, more than a month is like a mood. Happy, introspective and yet humble. Amidst the season’s silver glitter, the colors of Christmas sparkle around us, special relationships and people find a cozy nook in our mind. It is the season to celebrate and thank these special relationships with a little something which means a lot. Welcome the mood of Gifting.

Christmas gift for kids

As kids, the present under the pillow or in the sock was always the highlight of the season. It also meant you were a good child all year long. Good deserves to be appreciated not only by children but adults also and this gifting season is the perfect opportunity for you to not only wear Santa’s hat but also step into his shoes.

Christmas gift to grown ups

Also, like every year you must be thinking, what is it that you can gift your mum, sister, best friend, aunt, grandmother, colleague and your spouse this year, that you haven’t already?

A classic watch or a stylish tote bag paired with an embroidered silk scarf doesn’t sound too bad. If you really know her style, comfort zone and preferences, you can dare to give her a pair of shoes or an elegant party dress, but to warn you girls are real picky when it comes to…absolutely everything. This list of giftables seem fairly nice; but somehow miss the ‘wow’ ‘squeal’ or the genuine gasp of surprise.


Christmas gift to sister

This year you might want to try something more unique and fashionable. Something that makes your sister hug you real hard or makes your mother’s eyes glisten with happy, proud tears or leaves your wife speechless. Yes, believe it or not, the last bit is possible without your wallet running dry.

We have handpicked a collection of must-have jewellery pieces just under 25k that promises the above reactions and much more. We warmly bring to you a range of curated jewellery pieces, ideal for that special someone in your life.  So this Christmas don’t gift a gift but present memories that shine with love and live in your heart forever.

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