1 BF

You know it is spring when the butterflies arrive. Animal jewelry is huge this year with bees and butterflies in all shapes and sizes. Pretty and petite, the collection explores all forms of the fluttering beauty inlaid with sparkling diamonds. There is nothing that speaks of femininity more than flowers and butterflies; its delicate wings and pretty colourful shape is what creates the Butterfly Collection!

3 BF

The edition is perfect for young girls with the penchant for daily wear non-serious jewelry that can be worn without hesitation owing to its reasonable pricing. The collection starts at a meagre 6,300/- for a pendant and also includes rings, earrings and sets. The entire lot has a touch of matt finish and undulating flow of butterfly wings to give you the feel of completely un-traditional jewelry that you would love to wear every single day.

2 BF

Swaying dangles and hoops, between the finger rings as well as changeable earrings and multi colored pendant sets will steal your attention as well as everyone else’s as you sport them. Pretty in pink gold, the butterflies are available in white and yellow gold as well, and open to customizations. The designs are surreal and simple with a price point so irresistible, it would be practically impossible to hold back from trying few.
So what are you waiting for? Check them out before they fly away 🙂


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