The Right Look For The Right Budget

Buying diamond jewellery definitely has its disadvantages especially when it comes to drawing a budget for casual gifting, proposals, anniversaries and birthdays. Diamond jewellery at a smaller budget often fails to appeal for the lack of diamond quantity thereby obviously diminishing its sparkle. A diamond ring with a cent or two may pass off for a diamond ring, but it will not impress its wearer. Ziah Collection boasts an exciting range of diamond jewellery that not only fits all budgets but also emits that sparkle you have been longing for. How? Let us find out.


Ziah means light and very much so the designs of this collection justify its name with its unique setting that enables the diamonds to sparkle brighter in a cluster thereby reducing the signs of any metal in and around it, making it look like a solitaire. The collection is designed keeping in mind the styling of solitaire jewellery, including the shapes of fancy cut solitaires. You can also choose from a variety of gold tints, yellow, white or rose, whatever takes your fancy.


The beauty of Ziah is in the fact that the designs are silhouettes of solitaires that draw your attention to its uninterrupted sparkle making it look just like solitaires, you are sure to make a statement with it. You can find everything from casual everyday pendants and earrings to gifting sets to magnanimous solitaire style rings and ear studs as well as party wear necklaces.

To answer the very question, Ziah is every woman’s fantasy, the desire to wear diamond jewellery every day without worrying about the expense. The collection is available at prices starting at Rs.12,000/- and can be purchased here.

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