The Meraki Story – by Naushaba Ara


Have you ever walked into wilderness mesmerized by the rays of sunlight seeping through the tree leaves casting a shadow light effect?  Candere by Kalyan Jewellers have unveiled the Meraki Story. Jewellery inspired by the imagery of light and shadow.

Meraki is a Greek word describing total submission to creativity; leaving a bit of yourself in your work. The Meraki Collection is one such story of creative passion. As a designer, I have always been inclined towards natural inspirations that I have tried to bring on to paper and then to justify its beauty on to the products.

Inspired by nature, the designs of Meraki have stolen elements from the world of forests, rivers, fossils and the Grecian concept of all-consuming love for art. Leaf skeletal and veins play an important role in the motifs of this collection. The detailing in these designs is the beauty of the collection.


Meraki Ring

The designs are undoubtedly statement, no matter what the occasion. The nature-inspired cocktail rings can bring drama to any ensemble. Even though the designs are subtle and do not shout for attention, they complement your taste for fine jewellery. Be it ethnic or contemporary wear, the rings are a great look for outings and parties.

Meraki Earrings

There are two kinds of earrings in Meraki, the gold dangles and the diamond earrings. The gold dangles have a special drape flow giving it a three-dimensional feel. The unique forms of these earrings are its unique stand out feature. The dangles are for you if you are wearing something dressy, the studs will go perfectly with your office shirts even if you are not a big fan of jewellery.

Meraki Pendant

The pendant sets are few in number and are daily wear designs with matching studs and dangles. If you are looking for a classy look for your office or even a casual meet up with your friends be sure not to leave without these gorgeous pieces. The designs of Meraki are without a doubt unusual, unique and strikingly distinctive and will add an edge to your look as well as to your attitude.


If you love the designs as much as I do, do comment in the section below. To view the collection click here.

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