More often than not, women crave to wear clothes and accessories hidden inside their closet, that hardly get to see the light of day. Having a career and a full time job sometimes fills your wardrobe with everything that looks the same. While those who work in a casual, creative environment may have some freedom to dress informally, others get trapped under the burden of heavy words like inappropriate, unacceptable and distracting.

JEWMETRIX is your answer to live a little, and do it fashionably. A collection of stylized, geometric shaped jewellery that fulfills every working woman’s wish to step into the office with her daily dose of confidence.


Be your own version of SIMPLE. Silhouettes make a great companion to office clothing owing to its simple structure and sleek outlines. Slap on some slender looking earrings or a wide ring that match your strappy stilettoes or your thin belt. The Outline Look makes for a classy statement without attracting too many eyeballs. I believe an elegantly dressed individual dictates how she wishes to be dealt with.


You are a creative person stuck in a colorless world. Even though you may have the liberty to dress down slightly; let us aim a little higher and bend the rules if not break them. BLACK & WHITE it is! Colors add drama to an otherwise mundane world. The intrigue of Black onyx jewellery with an accent can save your day. The play of pyramids and mesh, upside down earrings and bolder designs could maintain your bubble of sanity and your need for creative outlet.


Married ones have the worst time juggling their mangalsutras and jewellery gifts to fit the formal bracket. Save your traditional jewellery for family functions, it’s time to get un-traditional with your emotional side. Use thinner mangalsutra chains with smaller beads and give your tanmania a geometric makeover to match your western wear. Your choice of jewellery is a personal expression of your individuality; customize it to your preference.


Sharp or soft edges have an impact of its own; speaking volumes of a person’s inner nature and approachability. A lot can be imagined from your choice of shapes and patterns in clothing, shoes and accessories. Being a Girl Boss has its demands; you are the focal point and an idol of sorts. It is therefore mandatory to always make an impact! Repetition is off your table, although rotation is definitely welcome.

To be a Game Changer you need to first apply it to your daily routine. What makes you survive from Monday to Friday? How those you work with perceive you, on the basis of your choice of ensemble. Does dressing up well everyday make you happy? Having the right angle makes a lot of difference to how you go through a day at work.

JEWMETRIX is an effort to bring together office fashion that is affordable, stylish, and an added reason to love your job. Why geometry you ask? Well, life is a circle, women are curvy, men are straight forward and love is a triangle; the world is geometric after all!

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