The Five Most Famous Friendships The World ‘Still’ Roots For!


Why we love F.R.I.E.N.D.S? Probably because it redefined friendship, taught us to go out and pursue our dreams, live alone, live in ‘fear’, make mistakes, and make then again and again, because life is not perfect, neither are we. Even after 10 years since it skipped our heartbeats with its final episode, our hearts still beat for them, always did and always will.

Phew! Yeah, like sometimes you ‘stick’ to your best friend/s [oops ‘bestie’, eh] and there’s nothing you can do about it; worse, your friend will tease you endlessly about this. But you can’t leave them, cause, who else will tolerate you and put up with you. They love you, you curse them, they stick around, you pull each other, you guys have tons of fun, and do stupid things – together! What are friends for? Have you asked yourself this question? Yea you’re already grinning or perhaps smirking. Well, keep that grin; here are five most popular friendships, known to the world and that every F.R.I.E.N.D.S. connect with perfectly.



Because flying distances cannot separate you or stop you from meeting your beloved friends and spending some ‘quality’ time together, gossiping, bitching, caffeinating, or even marinating for that matter. Your heart wouldn’t think twice before making you hop onto a flight just to catch a weekend with your bestie/s or even enjoying some naps together!

Sex And The City opened our eyes to a lot of things! Ahem! Including of course the heights of fashion and brand names, and the crawling realization that best friends are our real soul mates. Who else could love you unconditionally? All else is faux pas.



Seinfeld: the oldest and the craziest. The father of sarcasms, and the winner of wits. Who else is still watching it? The sitcom is a cult, that all other sitcoms would follow to its success. They still air it by the way.

That friends love each other unconditionally doesn’t mean you don’t wana kill them for being who they are! Some friends, like octopus, stick-on to your face, while the decent ones just come and go like the waves of the ocean! Ouch!


There is a How I Met Your Mother and there is a Barney Stinson. HIMYM was the consolation prize we all got for watching Friends way too long, but who knew it would turn out to be so ‘legen –wait for it – dary’ and awesome! I wonder how many people decided to carry yellow umbrellas soon after.

If you ever thought that you may want to change your friends, get new ones, then just drop the idea like red hot iron. Coz you know too much about each other, might as well ‘stick’ around, or in some case, ‘hang’ around. And don’t get fooled if your friend grins cunningly while you spit expletives at them; they are actually thinking of something even more offensive! Well, now you know ‘that smile’, yeah?


No; I think friendship is more important, for some, friendship is the oxygen in their lives. No matter how ‘polluted’ that oxygen is, it gives life even if for some time. Now you will have few ones who will train you to become their friends – in other words, to become crazy and idiot like them! So don’t get startled if one day you wake up, look in the mirror and don’t recognize that person you see. Press the panic button to your friends right away and curse them for making you who you are. Save the pleasantries for later.

One day there was a Big Bang and just like that, all the nerds in the world suddenly turned cool. The Big Bang Theory is the most crazy geekiness got since Dexter’s Laboratory. Crazy had a new definition – Sheldon Cooper! The next time you find yourself attracted to a tall lanky guy in horn rimmed glasses, buried in his books…you know who to blame.

When friends proclaim they love you unconditionally – before the world – it’s best to smile and bear it, cause you don’t want to tell the world about those ‘conditions’ now, do you?

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