Stylish Or Traditional – What’s Your Pick?

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A successful marriage requires falling in love, many times with the same person.

Marriages are surely made in heaven with the shower of bliss, evoking ecstasy, but are not meant to be taken as the culmination of a love story or of a relationship. It rather is the beginning of a new life, filled with joy and bliss, with a special someone to share it with. As a newly wedded bride, it is exciting, and anticipating to be the centre of all attention and the cynosure of all eyes and love. Along with this, comes the joy of receiving gifts at your wedding. Since the time the wedding bells start ringing in your ears, you expect gift boxes to pile up until your nose! Isn’t it a great feeling to sit right in the middle of the pile and unfold all the love?

You can hardly wait to open the jewellery boxes, wear the fineries, try them on, see how you look. Don’t shy away from experimenting with all the jewelleries that you’ve received, match them up to your outfits, uplift your moods and raise the benchmark of all occasions. So go ahead, dazzle and stand out with Diamond studded Mangalsutras!

New Mangalsutra

A classic and garish, stylishly cut Diamond Pendant is the perfect choice for those magnificent evenings whether you stir cocktail conversations with your girly pals or spend a romantic dinner date with your soulmate.

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If you are adventurous, who loves to experiment with your precious Mangalsutra, try coloured stones that give a vibrant touch of elegance to your dainty neck!

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The key to a happy marriage is – a classic, dazzling Tanmaniya!

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Throw your heart over the fence and the rest will follow – Norman Vincent Peale.

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