Style tips on the #WorkingWardrobe


For every girl out there, there is a movie that has already been made on the type of woman you are at work. Every woman in every office has a prototype already fashioned, defined, described and portrayed on screen. Each one of them looks Haute!

#The New Professional

There are a lot of us who have imagined ourselves in vivid scenarios comparing our lives to Anne Hathaway in ‘The Devil wears Prada’, especially when we have just landed with a job, somehow trying to make sense of the load that has been dropped on our shoulders, expecting to know exactly what to do. You cannot learn the job in a day, but you can surely master the art of looking good to feel confident. In the words of Anna Wintour, “If you can’t be better than your competition, then just dress better.”

TIP: Bold animal prints, noisy heels, colorful velvety jackets, shrugs elaborate anarkalis and flip flops are better off outside the office premises. Monochromes, subtle prints. simple patterns and less skin exposure are always welcome. Anything that attracts is in, anything that distracts is a problem.

#Work Chic

Uniqueness never goes out of style. Since now you have a job, it is but mandatory to keep it. If you are poorly dressed, you stand a high chance of being judged on your commitment to your organization, your work, your team, your job and you! Good taste in fashion and ethics always help to being presentable and acceptable in office or otherwise. Dress meticulously in office as you would on a date, because if you do not have a pair of eyes staring at you with admiration or jealousy, trust me you are a no one in a crowd of 100 or more employees.

TIP: Statement is in the details, bags, nails, watch, jewellery, shoes, one outstanding piece is enough to lift your spirits. Be it classic or casual, minimal is in! There are a variety of oxfords, brogues, loafers, mary janes and wedges for those of you who hate wearing heels.

#The Intern

As an intern a lot is often expected of you, and yet you are expected to be in your limits, it’s quite confusing really. To do or not to do, what to do!?!? However it is rather simple for you to pep up the atmosphere at work with your vivacity, and impress the Miranda Priestlys of the world, because frankly since you are on trial, to try or not to try to ‘fit in’ is totally up to you.

TIP: Edgy clothing, hair and make-up is not for the weak hearted, but having said that, you can add a bit of edge and still get away with it. However, you may not want to wear a “I’m-going-to-party-tonight” clothing. You are still going to work, so mix and match.

#The Corporette

The lady who wears the pants runs the show, remember Samantha in ‘Sex and the City’. But when it comes to office wear, jewellery can be a bit tricky. Are there too many stones? Are the danglers too long? Is the gold too golden, oh for crying out loud! Most women end up not wearing anything more than a watch and some dainty stud or wedding ring for the fear of it being ‘too much’. Minimalistic is fine, but there is so much more you can do with shapes, colors and confidence.

TIP: Depending on your profile, jewellery may or may not be an issue, but good taste in jewellery is appreciated everywhere. There is an unsaid norm on how long your earrings should be, or how layered or long the neckpiece. The key is usually to avoid bulky pieces. Wear one piece at a time. Geometric is one form that is safe and best when it comes to work wear. Subtle, simple and crisp.

Having said so, feel free to browse around our new collection, JEWMETRIX – work wear inspired by geometry. A collection that has been designed especially for working women who love to dress up. After all if you have to work 365 days, you would want to make each of them exciting!

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