Women can be roughly divided into 2 categories – those who wear jewellery and those who don’t. If your girl is the former, this post is for you.
We spoke about How to select the best Solitaire rings for your better half and How to select the best Solitaire for Solitaire Rings earlier. It’s time to educate you about the different styles in Solitaire Rings and their equivalent pricing. We have categorized them into 5 categories.

Different ring styles and their respective owners

The Straight Forward Gal

The Straight Forward Gal - Mounting Solitaire Rings

If your woman is the simple type with a classy taste in minimalistic fashion, this one is for her. Were you planning to get her a 1.0ct Solitaire because she always fancied one? But does it fit your budget? Probably not!

Solitaires with Single Mounting are most popular as engagement rings. These rings are basic solitaire designs set on a collet and raised above the shank to give the stone all the attention. A diamond sparkles best when raised on an open collet as it allows the light to pass through.

We mentioned in our earlier blog, the big sized stones like 0.5ct or 1.0ct are quite expensive. So, in order to slash the price, you can opt for a slightly smaller size. For instance, 0.5ct round solitaire has 5mm size, however, a 0.36ct round stone has 4.5mm size. You can barely see any difference with the naked eye. But, there will be a remarkable difference in pricing.

The Edgy Woman

The Edgy Woman - Three Stone Solitaire Ring

A lot of women do not prefer huge solitaires simply for the fact that it is difficult to run your daily chores if you want to wear it every day. For those who love solitaires but not a gigantic one, three stones can do the trick. Three stone rings are as gorgeous as the single solitaires. With the option to play around with 3 stones, you can use more than one stone to make the ring look even more gorgeous.

For instance, if you have budget constraints, using a smaller solitaire with fancy cut diamonds on either side should give it a fuller look. You can also place it with colored stones like sapphires and rubies or semi-precious tourmalines and citrines add to some drama and color and reduce your cost.

The Angel

The Angel - Halo Solitaire Rings

Halo Solitaire Rings are probably the best option for anyone who is controlled by his spending capacity. The solitaire need not be big at all! A 0.10ct to 0.20ct is absolutely fine, you can even go up to 0.35ct, but that’s about all the solitaire that you will need. The halo around the stone makes the ring look grand and large at the same time.

There are a lot of ways to set the halo around the stone, it can be close-packed giving it a more invisible look, it can be placed with a regular gap(s), like a single circle or even concentric ones or simply placed on an equal level or slightly below the mounting.
The Creative Girl

The Creative Girl - Accent Solitaire Rings

Not all women prefer simple mountings, but neither do they want the design to be too elaborate. Accents are the answer to it. If a simple mounting design gets too boring, embellish it with some diamonds to enhance its look. But the idea is to make sure that the solitaire is given its due importance.

The accents are just meant to give the ring the added edge without diminishing the importance of the solitaire size. The accents are usually made of really tiny diamonds that give the ring a slight uplift in terms of design and the much-wanted bling.You can also use semi-precious stones if you like.
The Royal Lady

The Royal Lady - Vintage Solitaire Rings

If your girl loves to read novels and collect heirlooms and fancies huge fluffy gowns, she will fall in love with Vintage rings. Yes! Vintage rings are exactly what the name suggests, vintage in look. The designs are inspired by old royal designs of yesteryear and are ornamented with etchings, filigree, accents etc.

Vintage knows no rules, all the above styles can be incorporated in vintage solitaire rings, the polish, look of the shank and use of material and color are more important than the solitaire size. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? However, it is not even necessary for the ring to have a center diamond; it can very well be an Emerald or Sapphire Solitaire too.

Those were the different types of Rings. It’s a continuation of our Solitaire Ring series which we started earlier. We hope these blog posts are helping you know Solitaire Rings well.

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