#Siblings The Most Common Love-Hate Relationship Ever!

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Someone’s delicate, petite, and enchanted by flowers and as she walks by, she leaves behind a trail of sweet scent… wait sweet scent? That’s not a ‘sweet scent’; it’s irritating! Aarrgh – this is a brother talking by the way, not a smitten foolish lover!

When I think of the most arguable love-hate relationship, #SiblingRivalry is what comes to my mind before I even finish thinking. And there can be no bond more pious than that of a brother-sister. What? Really? If my brother dares to expect I should call him handsome, I find The Ugly Beast more attractive than my bro.

But then also, I am grateful for all our stupidity and fights because I feel so happy to even think of those moments now!! When we are away from each other, I have something to cherish!!

I miss those days when you would cry out loud for no apparent ‘’reason’,  just to get me in trouble!

Now is the time to cry for real, cause I am ‘getting’ into trouble! Sniff!

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I was surprised [or maybe not] when my brother was acting like my daddy [read dada/grandpa] at my wedding – being protective et al, after he had an epiphany! Protective – huh seriously? Ya well, I gotta act like I am ‘touched’!

Even though you were making faces just to entertain me as I stood up for my pheras, I was watching your reactions; I know what emotions you were hiding behind those crazy faces. I was sad too and wanted to come and hug you tight right then. But I got mad at – I don’t know who – when you flirted with those boys at the reception and you thought I wasn’t looking.

It’s not that I don’t want you to enjoy, but just that I know how boys are, whilst you know how to flirt. And I hate to confess now, but I was equally upset at your farewell, the way you were at mine. Don’t worry, our hearts are always bonded!


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I will never forgive you for purposely eating “our” favourite food slower than me, to show that you got more than my share! Damn it!

When she keeps a straight face after we’ve pulled a prank together is her most dangerous expression ever!! Uff! It gives me the creeps, I know she’s up to something worse than her prank and her “next” victim would be me! Actually, I feel jealous that she can manage to stifle her giggles while I can’t! So I get caught for our team work! Ouch!

“I’d rather be your bro than a superhero” – oh yea, like I’ll be impressed… when you brag, I can’t decide whether you are very annoying or just being cool! Phew!

You think just being seen around with me will make people assume we are related? Forget it! I remember that mean look in your eyes when you find money in my purse and your eyes dart around! When will you grow up?!

Actually, I love to admit that I secretly hoped you would snoop, to show you that I am not like my good-for-nothing brother. I earn! And you thought only you could be mean. Smirk!


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I smile because we are siblings. I laugh [at you] because there’s nothing you can do about it. Siblings are a family package! They have to ‘bear’ each other…not to forget the bear hugs. Grin!

I can’t forget my annoyance and confusion about how my pens would mysteriously go ‘missing’, no matter how many I buy! [Obviously I know dumbo!] But then, if my pens wouldn’t go missing, I would never be inspired to buy a beautiful gold ruby pendant for you, pretending it’s a Rakhi, even if it looks ‘girlish’… Chuckle!

When you snooped around my stuff, in stealth mode, I pretended to walk up on you, just to make you jump out of your skin. Gotcha! It gave me the thrills. That’s the problem with boys. They think they are ‘smart’.

But I should thank you for being such an idiot, cause that makes me look smarter and I feel better. Love you for that. Wink!

Happiness dwells in simple things. So don’t make drama if I gift you something simple; it is the thought that counts, not the price!


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I’ll compromise. I’ll admit I’m wrong, if you admit I’m right. I have a dream that one day you’ll just shut up!

That’s the feeling I got when you beat me at my favourite games and pissed me off and I had to act ‘normal’ just to not let you feel victorious, you creep!

Now that we are away, busy in our own worlds, I miss – well, I do – having someone around to annoy. But let me tell you my dear that I love you with all my heart and I am grateful to our parents for giving us each other! No pretence, I actually mean my words for a change!

So here’s a precious Raksha Bandhan gift for you my sweetoo, with all my sibling rivalry…oops love. And yes, this time, you can eat some sweets on my behalf [from my share]!

Your precious sibling.

Happy Raksha Bandhan <3

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