She Walked Into The Woods And Then…


Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light – Theodore Roethke

When she woke up from her pleasant dreams and yawned, she felt the first warm rays of the nascent morning caress her soft cheeks and incite her to step away from the soft flowery bed; as she lazily rubbed the sleep off her eyes, she caught a glimpse of something sparkling gently from behind her, beckoning her. As she reached out to ‘touch’ the rays and greet them, she eagerly awaited to rendezvous with the ‘white’ sparkle peeping out from her closet. ‘Awake oh princess, awake’ – she heard inside her head as if someone was calling out with love.

She could feel a rush of excitement as she clipped the delicately gorgeous diamond studded pearl danglers on her soft & sensuous lobes and could feel the sway with the gentle breeze. She anticipated the lovely day that lay ahead and wondered what it would unfold, as she walked through the soft morning light on her path amongst the tall trees with leaves that rustled happily, welcoming her. Today, she looked even pink-er, because of the blush..!

Floral Earrings

The Radiant Raindrop Diamond Earrings

Just living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower – Hans Christian Andersen.

Happy to be in love and glad to have discovered it, she went on to admire beauty and delve in it – beauty that she held within and beauty that she saw all around her. The flowers, looking as if artfully-arranged in hues of whites & oranges, pastels & pinks, lavenders & lilacs, pretty and pristine – all radiant in their uniqueness, enchanted her not just with their sight and fragrance but also with their touch as the gentle breeze flowed from their heads to touch her soft cheeks. But then she was not alone to notice the beauty…

She readily agreed to sit patiently yet eagerly for the artist to finish with his portrait of hers and when she saw his work, it mesmerised her…just the way the artist was smitten by her beauty, enhanced by dazzling diamonds as they shone around her delicate face!

A tickle on her neck is what she felt each time the pearls brushed on her soft skin. She wished to declare to the world, what she’d discovered in those diamonds and golden petals – another world that was as dramatic as it was magical.

She blushed a rosy pink when the young bud reached out to plant a soft kiss on her cheeks.

Every flower is a soul blossoming in nature – Gerard De Nerval

Floral Earrings

To me,  flowers spell happiness and pearls spell life” – she declared to the woods…

…as she rowed down the gentle stream, the beauty of the nature reflecting in her eyes; eyes that withheld dreams of her fantasy. Her whimsical thoughts were interrupted with the soft splash of droplets on the surface of water, some of which flew up on her face and she experienced a new freshness.

She tingled at the feathery touch of the butterfly’s feet as it sat on the tip of her ears, where she had just tucked a strand of hair. Glad to have found company, they both began singing together, a melodious song that smite even the tall ferns that swayed gently around them.

A flower blossoms for its own joy, but it is unaware of the joy that it spreads around itself,  for it does not judge; it simply blooms. 


Ikebana Pearl Diamond Ring and Cherry Blossoms Diamond Ring

She knew that it is pointless to wait for the rain to pour, so she began to sway gently and cheerfully amongst the trees that lined the shore she had just reached; the leaves beckoning her to join in their enthusiasm. Her feet fell gently on the soft grass that was wet and smelt sweet from the morning dew and they began to reveal some pearls amongst the foliage. She bent to pick those pearls and even as she did, the pearls began forming a crown around her head and some of them sat on her dainty fingers just as the diamond studded petals closed.

She stood still to admire their beauty and was lost for a while…….wondering who she really was and where had she come from.

She didn’t know what to admire more – the stunning floral bracelets on her dainty wrists or the radiant floral ring on her deft fingers; the radiant diamond studded necklace adoring her sleek neck or the brilliant flowery earrings dangling from her soft lobes! Her beauty was devoid of ego, arrogance and ignorance; was full of innocence, charm and humility!

She looked at her reflection on the crystal-clear surface of the still waters…

Here is a young girl with her head full of magical dreams, a heart full of wonder and tender hands that will shape the world..!

Her name was ‘Florence’; her beauty resembled the delicate young petals of a cherry blossom flower.

The Wishing Willow Diamond Bracelet

About the flower: Cherry Blossom is native to the Himalayas even though its origins are believed to be from Japan. The flower blooms en masse and hence, symbolizes the clouds; it also an enduring metaphor for the transient nature of life… The exquisite beauty and volatility, the transience of the blossoms, it’s grace and royalty has often led cherry blossoms to be used in the different forms of art for aesthetic appeal and ambience. Here, we have tried to capture this essence of the Cherry Blossom on our jewellery designs and carved bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces out of the shape and contour of the flower, that a young petite girl will admire and love to own as a collection, exclusive to her.

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Happy blooming – always..!

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