Standout With A Pop Of Radiant Red


Highlight the delicate curves of your soft, sensuous lobes, enhance that oh-so-perfect neckline, and trace the contours of your deft fingers with a timeless yet unique Ruby-Diamond Set: where oval cut rubies are enveloped by endless curves of diamonds. Well, this is the magic recreated by precious stones! 


Look stunningly stylish and also stand out in a crowd with an aura of your own, when you flaunt pear shaped rubies encased within diamonds that are as majestic as the most beautiful bird on earth. Afterall, you gotta give the common something to gossip even as you make head-turning entrances!


Ruby is always meant to punctuate your entire look, along with your outfit – be it elaborate or minimal; here baguette cut rubies accentuate a maze of diamond studded curves. Sharp pear shaped ruby is supported by striking baguettes that beautify the hands that wear it.


Baguettes and bezel once again! Oh what a deadly combination of the shape of baguette and the perfection of the bezel setting, surrounding concentric oval halos of diamonds, giving gracefulness a new definition each time.