How Well Do We Know Our Deities?


That Lord Ganapati has perhaps the maximum fan following and devotee-worship in the world, is not unknown; but, have we looked at Him a bit differently? What really is the significance behind the bulky tummy, large fan like ears, the soft, twisted trunk, the half broken ivory tooth and the large head..? Ganapati, the beloved son of Lord Shankar and Goddess Parvati – residents of the Himalayas has in Him, most of the qualities of an elephant: Loyal, Trustworthy, Faithful, Obedient, Dutiful, Wise and Knowledgeable. Large head indicates a large brain, which means wise and knowledgeable; large soft trunk means a balance between being robust and kind-hearted; large ears means a very good listener; ivory trunk is indicative of beauty, grandeur and purity and the open palm/s means forever giving and blessings; there is also the balance between being humble and positively proud.

Ganapati brings with Him not only the wealth of Modaks and Laddoos but also of knowledge and wisdom; and that, along with the tempting sweets, should be ‘ingested’ and imbibed.

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Goddess Laxmi is believed to have been the Empress of the Golden Aged world; the ruler of the world. To invoke Her blessings with love and dedication, we clean our houses & residences with eagerness but then, where does Laxmi truly reside? To show a true obeisance to Her, we will have to clean our mind and our heart too, so She can remain forever. Also, since we light diyas, lanterns and decorated lamps to appeal Laxmiji, we might as well do the same to our minds – enlightening them?

Looking like an enchantress, Her worship is akin to enlightenment; which indirectly means, to do away with evil poverty in the form of vices and conquer it with the richness of good deeds & virtues – THAT is true wealth!

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Krishna was the first prince of the Golden Aged World; well, it is assumed that he was mischievous, would tease the shepherdesses and steal homemade butter. It is ponderable, why would a prince, who has everything he desires, steal butter from homes? While on one side, it is appalling how people have laid many such allegations on Him, on the other hand, Krishna was the wise one who delivered the sermons of the Holy Bhagwad Gita to His beloved protégé Arjuna, who also was wise enough to have articulated and obeyed it.

“It is the affection of devotees than the offerings they offer that pulls me toward them; I am humbled and honoured by their unconditional love and devotion. What is Krishna without His devotees?”

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We worship Lord Hanuman for his loyalty, devotion and unconditional love for his Lord Rama. The balance between His innocence and courage is praise-worthy.

The lesser known fact is that the tail of Hanuman Ji is spiritually quite significant as it is indicative of triumph over negative qualities; the tail is synonymous of attachment and other vices. The fact that Lord Hanuman is in complete control of his tail, teaches us to be aware of and master our thoughts, deeds, actions and be watchful of what we do or say. The tail is also indicative of striking a balance between attachment and detachment; attach when you are in the role of responsibility and detach when you have to let go. He also used this ‘tail’ in the right manner and the right way, thus using one’s bad qualities also for constructive purposes.

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A double halo around their head – a crown and a purity that radiates; a weapon in the hand and a vahan; resemblance or link to either of the animal creatures; symbol of prosperity – are some of the common factors binding the deities. The Hindu culture/s associate all of these deities with several interesting and at times unbelievable legends or fairy tales; that have continued to entertain the younger ones as bed time stories. Deities are always giving, hence one of their palm is facing us as a blessing; all of them have conquered evil and bad which is indicative on their idols.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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