From “Hello” To “I Do”…



“Jab se tumhe mila hoon… aadat se pad gayi hai teri…”

Is what Ayushmann Khurrana told Yami Gautam in the comedy-drama hit Vicky Donor.

This iconic statement also holds true for Sid and Nandita who met through their family a year ago.

The Mehras knew the Malhotras for 20 years and when the time came to look for a bride for their elder son Sid, they felt Nandita would be the perfect choice. In India, arranged marriages are becoming quite rare, but still the children agreed to respect their parents’ wishes and at least speak to each other once, before selecting a partner on their own. Phone numbers were exchanged by their fathers and prayers were being said by the mothers, in the hopes that this jodi would match.

It was exactly a month before Diwali when Sid finally decided to call Nandita. From the moment she said “hello”, he fell in love with her soft-spoken voice. In a few minutes of conversation, she made him comfortable to talk his heart out and be himself. For the next few days, they continued to text each other, shared funny moments from their childhood and spoke on the phone about everything under the sun.  He loved blue, she was obsessed with white, he preferred rock music while she was into the classics, but they both loved going to nightclubs, watching old Hollywood Films, and loved Indian and Italian cuisine. Being part of his Father’s exports business, Sid was very well-travelled and on his family’s insistence had met many eligible NRI girls, but Nandita’s grace and friendly charm, made him believe she was really special. They decided to meet for the first time on Diwali.

The First Meeting And More…

On the auspicious day, the Malhotra residence was elegantly decorated with diyas and fairy lights. The Mehra’s soon arrived and as soon as Sid looked into Nandita’s honey brown eyes, he knew she was the one. They spent the entire evening lighting fire crackers and eating delicious mithaai. They decided to meet for coffee the next day.

Fisrt Meet

After sipping coffee at Starbucks, they went for a spin around Marine Drive. By Sunset, they reached Mumbai’s “Queen’s Necklace” and decided to take in the beautiful view. Just as the first star twinkled in the sky, Sid asked Nandita to close her eyes. He held her hands in his and kept a shiny velvet box on her beautiful palms. She was surprised! It was too soon! With great anticipation, Nandita slowly opened the box and was spell bound when she saw an elegant pair of Diamond Studs glistening at her! “These diamond studs are to tell you that you have angel eyes and I love looking into them” he smiled and so did she.

The families sensed their growing closeness and decided to give the couple more space and time. Within the following months, they continued meeting for movies, dinners and long drives. Even when Sid was traveling, Nandita and he kept in touch through viber and made it a point to keep each other updated about the going-ons in their lives. They say, love can make you shy and stupid and Sid just couldn’t find a way to express his feelings to Nandita. By Valentine’s he had a definite plan!

The Proposal

He booked a table at the Four Seasons overlooking the sea, arranged for the choicest orchids, ordered for the best champagne and couldn’t wait for his Lady Love.


That night, Nandita looked like a dream in her royal blue dress and Sid couldn’t take his eyes off her. He was touched by the handwritten card and poem she had written for him, appreciated the Armani shirt and loved the Issey Miyake Fragrance she gifted him. As dessert arrived, Sid gave her a velvet box and she was just overwhelmed. After much insistence, she finally opened her gift and was charmed by the diamond studded heart shaped pendant. “I had to buy this as it is named after you, the Lady of my heart…” Sid said as he fastened the clasp of the chain around her neck. Nandita blushed and just like that…a kinship was formed, a promise was made.

I do

In just a month, the families decided on a day for their engagement. Nandita was resplendent in an ivory anarkali while Sid looked polished in a formal black suit.

Wedding Collection

In front of his loving family and close friends, he placed The Adorna Diamond Ring on her finger and she sealed her love with a dazzling Diamond Band which went well with his larger than life persona. It was a beautiful summer wedding when the couple finally tied the knot in a traditional Indian shaadi and said, “We do”.

Candere is pleased to be part of this couple’s sweet love story and hope our jewellery can help them express their emotions and strengthen their bond for years to come!

(Disclaimer: All the Wedding and Engagement stories featured at are stories shared by loyal and happy customers. However, their names have been changed to protect their privacy and identity. The photographs may not be actual pictures of the couple, photographs courtesy Google Images, Getty images)

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