Fix Your Fashion With These 7 Fusion Styles

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What is so intriguing about ‘fashion’ that the world revolves around it and there is even an industry built around it? The business of fashion is as contagious as it can get, that spares no one! Fashion is wild and versatile, that vanishes in a blink, playing peek-a-boo with those who want to keep pace with it! Fashionistas are going crazy with fusing one style into another, be it apparel, jewellery, accessories or the whole look. But here’s the catch! You cannot blindly follow the herd, can you?

Indian style meets Western to give a perfect fusion of Indo-Western pattern in this diamond mangalsutra pendant with an intriguing pattern!

If that does not provoke your fashion ‘senses’ yet, then how about a pair of graceful diamond jhumkis, with a curvaceous dome turned upside down?

You wanna hold on to traditions yet be contemporary?! Go ahead, strike a fusion-balance with a pair of queenly & exquisite blue sapphire diamond earrings that give a touch of royalty!

Get a chic Look by fusing old style with new in this delightful yet delicate gold mangalsutra pendant that speaks volumes of beauty along the contours of nascent leaves!


How about fusing some geometrical shapes into abstract for a TANTALIzING look!

a drop of delicate dreamy blue will add the much needed drama to your ears for those after-hour soirees.  

merging different dramatic shapes is so much fun! when your jewellery can do all the talking, enthral and entice your audiences, a diva can throw caution to the air and enjoy all the attention!

a word of caution here:

Don’t fall off your fashion-balance when you stumble upon an out-of-the-box look! experiment, indulge, binge, but be confident of your picks!

Try going a little off the beaten track by experimenting with your jewellery styles from Candere’s collection – a plethora of fusion diamond jewellery designs, comprising rings, earrings, pendants and mangalsutras. 

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