The month of Ramadan is when Allah revealed the first verses of the Quran to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Ramadan is the month of mercy, forgiveness & salvation and most importantly, discipline. A 30 day discipline period that we zealously look forward to, because this is an opportunity to detox: not just physically, but also spiritually. This is a phase filled with joy, bliss and having beautiful conversations with the almighty, in the form of prayers. Ramadan is also an opportunity to consciously abstain from sins and violence, from lies and greed, from deception & malice, from anger and jealously… And engage instead in devotion and charity.
Having said that, let us also look at this festival as the time to celebrate, socialise and indulge in various activities besides eating or cooking.

Here are 5 things we love about the holy month of Ramadan:


Oh who doesn’t love to shop! There’s plenty of time on hand and plenty of things to go and shop around. Clothes, jewellery, accessories, supplies, handbags, gifts…ohh! Gifts! The most interesting part of shopping – buying gifts for your loved ones. Women would love to indulge in some diamond jewellery and why not, when there are options galore: diamond rings, earrings, pendants, nosepinsbangles & bracelets! Don’t you want to be spoilt for choices!

Perhaps there is a reason behind the holy month of Ramadan – to make up for the missed gatherings, gossip, socialising and all the exciting stuff thanks to hectic schedules! It sure is fun to indulge in some chit chat with your brethren, apart from the sacred & private conversations you have with The Divine..! This is something to look forward to, in the holy ninth month of the Islamic calendar, don’t you agree?

Of course! Praying is the best form of self-introspection, realization and moving on a path toward transformation. When this is done collectively, its impact is more empowering than otherwise! It adds up to the spiritual charisma that is to witness!

There’s more to Ramadan than the obvious.

Engaging in some genuine donations or contributions toward the society, gives a feeling of ownership and attachment toward your own kind. Charity, relieves the mind of its impending burden and helps you unwind by getting involved in helping people who really need it. Feeding a poor & hungry person, donating a few bucks for a poor child’s education, giving away clothes or supplies to the needy, serving a sick person, having a pep talk with someone who is upset…will only add up to the much needed blessings in your life.

Even though, the daily fast that is broken each day is known as ‘iftar’ – and begins by eating a few ‘dates’, the entire festival culminates in a massive feast, which again reminds us of the exemplary community spirit. This is a proper feast, which is eaten with family, friends, after special prayers are offered and this is also the opportunity to exchange gifts and warm greetings.

Now we know for sure, why Ramadan is dear to us, it brings closer, folks not just from the same community, but different communities as well, who look forward to spending…well, not just the money, but some quality time together! And the “Eid al-Fitr” is so irresistible!

May the light of faith be with you and your loved ones – ramadan mubarak

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