#WhatTwoDo. And the winner is …

WhatTwoDo Contest Winners

New Year is a time for new resolutions. Everyone has some goals and dreams they want to achieve –

– Get healthier

– Travel more– Learn a new language

Connect more with family …

but we all know, making resolutions is easy, sticking to them isn’t. Including a friend, partner or family member makes the resolution easier to stick to and achieve.

With that in mind, we decided on #WhatTwoDo to help make amazing resolutions, get ideas and inspire members of the Candere community.

The responses we received were wonderful! He had a really hard time and some minor argument ? in picking up the winner.

Without further ado, here’s the winning entry which melted our hearts!


Congratulations Niraj and Hetvi! We’d love to see a YouTube video of you two playing music.

And here are the runner-ups..


Congratulations Swati and Amit! How was the tube ride in Mauritius? Good luck with 11 more adventures you are going to have in 2018! 


Congratulations Nidhi & Mandeep! Visiting all 7 wonders of the world sounds amazing! What’s next? Which wonder of the world are you looking forward to visiting the most?

In addition to these three, there were so many fun posts and innovative ideas that we just had to give a shoutout to 3 posts that we really liked but aren’t winners. We are gifting Rs.500/- amazon vouchers to you for sharing your resolutions with us.


Thank you for participating in #WhatTwoDo … subscribe to participate in the next one.

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