BeInspired With Stylish Pendants From Candere


be the kind of woman that every woman wants to be like you

Fashionistas eat, sleep, drink, and drown in fashion and carry a unique style that people get motivated by; to the extent, that they would love the opportunity to follow the trend-setters blindly. Candere is one such trend-setter through its collection of “Inspiration Pendants“, inspired by Mother Nature. From the various creations and elements that nature possesses: like the proud peacock, the lazy snow flake, the carefree butterfly, the tough trellis, the delightful flower or even a delicate stem, laden with nascent leaves – we couldn’t feel any more inspired than this!

Music is something that tugs the strings of the heart and stirs the soul and even though man may have made music and melody, the original inspiration comes from the sounds of nature – blissful yet warm and inviting!

No experience comes close to spending quality time amidst nature’s bliss, calm and tranquil; but if life has other plans, the least one can do is to “beinspired” by nature and carve its beauty in gold! Like we did.


The Pride Of The Peacock Is The Glory Of God – William Blake

people are crying up the rich and variegated plumage of the peacock and he himself is blushing at the sight of his ugly feet

2nd new blog copy

Beauty considers not years or age, but, experiences; & enriches it enough to be cherished.
So, It’s never too late to be who you have always wanted to be!


a snowflake is winter’s butterfly!
and no snowflake can ever land in the wrong place. it has chosen to perch on your delicate neck! 
if music be the food of love, play on

It’s all an illusion, so enjoy the show. Enjoy flaunting these inspiration pendants from Candere and continue to inspire others as well.

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