8 common mistakes we tend to make when wearing jewellery


I would be lying if I said I have never made fashion blunders, jewellery, apparel, accessories, name it and I have made quite a fool of myself time and again, trying to copy a celebrity or just generally the peer pressure to look cool! Here is a list of don’ts that might save you from doing the same.

Bling Overload:

Wearing almost anything and everything you own doesn’t make you look glamorous! Furthermore, it’s one of the worst fashion mistakes in pretty much every book out there. Is there really a need to flaunt everything at one go? There will always be another event.

The Muffin:

Now, why would you want to wear jewellery that is too tight for comfort? No piece of jewellery that makes your neck, arm or finger bulge out is visually pleasing, leave alone being comfortable.

Blast from the past:

Keep up with the upcoming styles and trends. Women usually in their thirties, forties and fifties are prone to be stuck in one specific period of their lives, refusing to acknowledge the fact that their appearance, lifestyle or simply fashion has changed. Be graceful, whatever be your age. Retire from wearing inappropriate clothes as well.

Know your flaws:

Next on my list of worst fashion mistakes is, of course, wearing jewellery that doesn’t fit right! If you have pulled the piercing in your ear by wearing large heavy earrings and dangles in your past, do not continue to wear them till you have either got them fixed or at least adjust with a washer or button to keep it in place. Similarly, XL nose pins, especially on a blunt nose, is a strict no!

Touching up:

Yes! Seriously, do not continue wearing precious jewellery without touching up its polish and rhodium once in a while. Like everything else, metal too is subject to wear and tear, it will fade, get bruised, probably even chip, or have the chemical reaction to perfumes or henna etc. Do not fret for the loss in weight, it is but extremely negligible compared to the value it will add to replenish the look of your jewellery.

Unholy matrimony:

The fashion mistake no woman should ever allow herself to make is something all of us have had a chance to see at least once – the poster girl of the 1990s! There was a time where matching everything from clothes to jewellery to makeup to hair bands and shoes and bags was the ‘in’ thing. It is pretty much out now.

Don’t be lazy:

I personally know women who wear the same jewellery at home as they wear to parties as they do to the gym, or even to the beach. Don’t be lazy. Accessories and jewelry go hand in hand to change any look from mundane to mind-blowing, match it well.


Before you start wondering how this could be a mistake, let me rephrase it to, ‘I know it’s a bit too much, but I can carry it off!!’ It’s the worst thing you can say to yourself and to others around you. Being over confident is a ‘bubble buster’, always take a second opinion, a second look; a little doubt never hurt anyone.

In conclusion, a fashion faux pas is not uncommon; it is up to us to be aware and inquisitive. Even celebrities are not spared when it comes to making blunders. Wearing the right thing is like wearing a perfect pair of lenses, if they hurt or itch or look artificial, they need to go. Be comfortable and you will never go wrong.

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