7 Ways to stick to your New Year Resolution!

7 Ways to stick to your New Year Resolution

Here comes the New Year and you can almost feel the celebration and cheer in the air. The time where we bid a goodbye to the beautiful year that was and celebrate a tomorrow that will be. A tomorrow, better than yesterday and you & I better than what we were.

So what’s your resolution? What changes are you making? This is the favorite New Year conversation, isn’t it? These questions generally followed by multiple resolutions accompanied by the New Year positivity and motivation which is summarized with the line “This year for sure!!.” But as the year gets deeper the resolutions get weaker and the motivation withers away with every cheat day.

But let’s not get worked up even before we make a resolution, we are still surrounded by the Christmas cheer, remember? This year we want you to fulfil your promise and for that we have found the recipe to achieve your resolution.

Recipe to Achieve your Resolution



Write down multiple resolutions, which you want to fulfil on a piece of paper and put them in a jar. Shake the jar well until the resolutions are shaken and put under the extreme competition. This process makes your resolution stronger.

Scout for a partner

Scout for a partner

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Find a friend, family member or any other individual who is as crazy as you and ask him/her to pick a chit. Please avoid pets no matter how close you are to them. We would recommend humans as your pets may eat your resolution chit and you will be left resolution-less for the New Year.

The pitch

The pitch

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Share your idea of taking the resolution together and keep a close watch on your partner’s eyebrows. If they move upwards, you have half the battle won. But if they move towards each other, you need to reword your proposal or skip to point 5.  Don’t try to physically move your partner’s eyebrows it may result in bodily harm.

It’s a yes

It's a yes

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If your partner agrees to take the resolution with you skip to point 6. Do not waste time in the thank you and welcomes. All it takes is a second for someone to change his or her mind.

Pushing the envelope

Pushing the envelope

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If him/her does not agree, use emotional blackmail. If you are a girl, tears are the best weapon but you may start off with milder blackmail and then get to the tears. If you are a guy, all you can do is remind him/her of the number of times you have had a beer together. It may not work well for the guys but be brave.

The Pinky Promise

Pinky Promise

Image Credit: Odyssey

Once both ready to take on the resolution, sign legal documents.

If legal intervention is not required just shake hands. Once the handshakes are convened then there is no coming back from this commitment. Be inspired by Sheldon Cooper.

Live happily ever after

Lived happily ever after

Image Credit: Auburn

Support each other through the year to achieve the goal set together. There is no looking back from here. You go be the change you want to be and also change your partner into what you want to be.

There are many resolutions that two people can take together. For thought, starters visit our social media channels. Participate in #WhatTwoDo and win exciting gifts.

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