6 Amazing Ideas To Re-Shine In Your Wedding Jewellery


feel like a novel bride every year, overshadowing the moon with your own dazzle.

Does your “wedding jewellery” sit in the closet to be used as hand-me-down pieces for your off-spring? It’s heart-breaking, isn’t it?
You gotta stop wondering or pondering and take those ornate pieces out of their boxes – now! And not because we say so, but because you must open up your heart and nourish your jewellery with the attention it truly deserves!
Let’s see what you’ve got.

Catch your hubby in surprise on your “ANNIVERSARY DATEs” by letting him know that you still cherish your courtship gifts: Diamond Bangle & a pair of Dazzling Diamond Studs


BABY TURNS ONE: First gift of love that escalated you from a girlfriend to a yummy mommy: indulge in diamond pendants 


AFTER-HOUR-SOIREE: Stir cocktail conversations around your ‘unique’ Engagement Ring. shop white gold engagement rings


wedding in the family: reminisce your ma-in-law’s ‘shagun’ – a pair of contemporary Diamond Earrings – rock your cousin’s Sangeet


OFFICE PARTY: Give the gossip factory something they can’t miss with your classy diamond pendant and diamond earrings

…to be continued

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