Are you bored of wearing the same old pair of hand-me-down jewelry over and over again, day after day? With the rising prices of precious jewelry, it is not always an option to buy new to look new. Innovation is the key. Go creative, go wild, and be daring, be confident, break the rules. You are unique, and your diamonds ought to reflect the light in you!
Here are some tips to ‘up’ your look from boring to bold.

Wear a different pair of earrings on either ear to give yourself a kitsch look. Just be careful to match the look to make it seem like it’s done accidentally on purpose, so you don’t end up looking like you have had a hangover. Try using similar sizes or complimenting designs and colors, or go for a hi-low look, with one stud and one dangler, two different colors of pearls or even two different nose rings for your second ear hole. Mix and match, and you have given people a chance to have a second look at you.
Have your rings lost the charm and excitement that was attached to it when you first bought them? Revive them to its former glory and make a statement by stacking up more than one on each finger. The more combinations you use the better. Try colored stones or mix metals, to make it look broad, as well as appealing. A word of precaution: use bands with bands, or bands with solitaires, instead of using multiple big stones if you do not want to be mistaken for a fortune teller.
The more flattering the neckline, the more elaborate the neckpiece. Team up multiple chains with dainty pendants to go with it, or with a small string of pearls; it can give the most boring set of clothes a rocking appeal. You could even wrap them up on your wrist and wear it like a charm bracelet. How about all those rings you hardly fit into after losing those extra pounds, add them back to back by making a ring pendant stack around your neck, and you have all memories in one place.
Attitude is all about how you carry yourself. Create a statement by trying out rings around the middle area of your finger. Make sure to wear bands, as they fit better and have less chances of falling off. Plain metal is ideal, avoid solitaire settings and too much bling or it looks like you are trying way too hard to get validation for being stylish. Keep it simple.
nose ring2(source:pinterest)
Try gemstone nose rings for a change, they look lovely contrary to the popular belief, that diamonds are the only option for nose pins. Try geometrical shapes and bold colors. However stick to tiny sizes and do not overdo the design by choosing big designs or stones. Jewelry should enhance your beauty not vice versa, so keep it to the minimum. And oh Yes! Do use cool colors like blue, purple or green for paler skin tones, and warm colors such as, red, orange or yellow on darker complexions.
Change is the only constant, so go ahead, experiment, and who knows you might become the new trend setter we would like to chase someday.

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