Winter is one of the most loved seasons. The warm fuzzy feeling of wearing warm winter garments in the chilly weather is something to wait for the entire year. Besides clothes, I love the fact that I can wear all the heavy jewellery in my wardrobe which is stacked in the corner of my wardrobe.

Here is a list of winter essentials you can relate to.



Clothes - Layer, Accessories, Leggings

Layering is Bae!

Winter is all about sweaters, hoodies, jackets, dresses, capes, etc. The biggest advantage of winter is to be able to layer them.

Layered clothing is the best budget-friendly way to keep oneself warm as multiple layers of air is trapped to prevent the body heat from going out. That is the technical reason.

The real reason; it is the most awesome way to look your stylish best, and there is nothing hotter than getting it right!

Rise to Accessorize

Do you have a muffler or stole collection like me? Then you know exactly how I feel. I can wear the muffler with the dresses I have been planning since spring. These neck warmers look absolutely adorable with beanies.

You can style scarf/mufflers/stoles with dresses, evening gowns, cardigans, sweater, blazers, etc. You can also wear scarves with simple t-shirts or shirts during the onset of winter.

Winters also calls for gloves and boots. You can team up these 2 with leggings and have a perfect evening out with your girlfriends.

Leggy Lass

Leggings and leg warmers are the best way to wear your dresses…skirts, shorts, gowns. However, it’s funny how they can look out of place in any other weather. Leggings can add drama to your dress and keep you warm at the same time.

If you are not much of a legging person, sheer and fishnets can be options you can explore too.


Winter wear jewellery

Every day is a party

We often tend to ignore the difference in how we wear our jewellery in summers, monsoons and winters. Winters are the perfect backdrop for exploring bold jewellery, colorful designs and heavier options.

You can wear a nice pair of studs if you want, but why should you when you can explore those silken tassel earrings to that Christmas party. Explore big colored stones and cocktail rings and you need to be at a cocktail party for that.

Those weddings

Winter is also a backdrop for weddings, your make up doesn’t run and your hair doesn’t mess up, so why wear light jewellery? Bring out the loaded jhumkas and chandbalis, the chokers and satladas and the mangtikas and solitaire rings.

Get layering again

Jazz up your look with layers neckpieces. You can wear them over your polo necks and under your stoles. Since your woolens will take too much space around your neck; the longer the necklaces, the better.

There is no reason why you cannot wear your chunky bracelets over your gloves if you are bold enough to carry it off; try rings too.


Winter Makeup

Dark Secrets

There are two ways to use colors in winter. Either go for the cute pink blushes and peach glosses or take a deep dive into dark shades of burgundy, brown, gold, wine, plum, bottle greens, blacks and even purple.

Dark colored clothes, makeup or shoes are the best options to stand out in winter. Steer clear of pastel shades, you can wear them all year.

That’s all about our winter love for me. What about you? Tell me about your winter essentials in the comments below.

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